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  1. Forum Turn-Based Strategy Game - Part 10: First test battle finished

    We just wrapped up our first test battle. What did we learn?


    First and foremost, speed must be improved. Though many of the delays were caused by external factors that have little to do with the system itself, there is definitely room for improvement, mainly in how I determine what happens and how I present that information to the players.

    A numbers game after all?

    In order to determine what happens, what I did ...
  2. Forum Turn-Based Strategy Game - Part 9: The Battle 'System'

    So in the last post in this blog, I mentioned I would be putting up a seperate blog post detailing how the Battle system works. What little I did say alluded to the fact that battles are not a numbers game anymore. So how does it work instead?

    No more numbers
    In the previous system we set up for the game, we had thought of a numbers system where every unit would have pre-specified statistics that would influence battle. In this system, players could theoretically calculate ...

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    Forum Turn-Based Strategy Game
  3. Forum Turn-Based Strategy Game - Part 8: Continued?

    This seemed rather dead, I know. And I guess it actually was. However, I've been working at things for quite a long time and I'm finally making some headway with this.

    Complete Overhaul

    First off: you can forget about a lot you read in this blog earlier. Many of the features and systems I was previously contemplating are now gone. The map, always meant to be a playtest map leading up to something bigger, has been scrapped. The factions, too, have been changed and ...

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    Forum Turn-Based Strategy Game
  4. Forum Turn-Based Strategy Game - Part 7: Faction balance and feel

    As for balancing and overall feel for each faction, I think I want it to be a bit like this:

    Nobles: Strength in numbers. Poor units. Can draft lots of poor units quickly. High tier units are MUCH more expensive and also a lot better. Playstyle: rushing, massing units.

    Veterans: Stealth and mobility are key. Units are generally more expensive (or have fewer men?) so they need to count more. Playstyle: careful, fast and sneaky.

    Monks: Morale is the most ...

    Updated 09-18-2011 at 05:40 PM by von_lipwig

    Forum Turn-Based Strategy Game
  5. Forum Turn-Based Strategy Game - Concept art #1: Grizzled Veteran

    I thought I'd give you guys something else for a change. Let's face away from the numbers and maths and systems and let's look at another aspect of the game: its visual style.

    Visual Style and Setting
    The game is set in a medieval-style fantasy world, with a noticable lack of magic. You could in fact compare it to Mount and Blade, which is similarly themed.

    Units and armour will be designed with functionality in mind, not because it has to look 'cool'. This will ...
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