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  1. Quadcopter

    So... recently I was on the Internet and found a guide how to build a quadcopter from scratch. So I decided to make one just cause...

    Basically all you need is:

    A frame
    4 motors
    a flight controller "the brains"
    4 speed controllers for the motors
    a transmitter

    +tools,wires,and connectors for the wires.

    The first step was to build the frame. I ordered my cheap frame from ebay ...
  2. Helepolis Own Take On Cooking - French Bread Pizza

    Well its been awhile, i felt bad for clogging up the blog, so i kind of stopped. However its been over 7 months since a post so i guess ill give it a go! I may just make my own thread since i dont like the 10 picture minimum on blogs. I hope you guys like this, and might give it a go. Its very easy, because nearly everything is already cooked or doesnt need to be.

    2-4 bags of shredded cheese (Majority mozzarella)
    1 bag of pepperoni (or 1/2lb of pepperoni) ...
  3. Captain's midsummer (b)log

    Midsummer is celebrated in the Scandinavian and Baltic countries when its the lightest part of the year. It's celebrated a bit differently in each country but it usually involves dancing(around a fallos symbol), drinking and lighting a big bonfire. Finns celebrate midsummer at their summer cottages, in the archipelago or somewhere in the countryside, away from the cities.

    I decided to head out to the archipelago this year. There is an island called Hästö pretty close to Helsinki in ...
  4. The Quest for Ulf. [Updated]

    Today I will start a 3 day journey to find our saviour Ulf. The quest starts in Helsinki, Finland where I will board a holy ship which will take me to the promised land of Sweden, the homeland of Ulf.

    So I boarded the ship on day one full of expectations.

    However the excitement was too much for me so I had to buy some relaxing swedish beverages from the shop.


    Updated 04-01-2013 at 12:30 PM by WestS[TAO]

  5. Narcos' Naked Fanatics' Shogun Total War 2 Tournament (2nd edition)


    Samurai with cut-off knot,
    Ronin sipping sake late into the night,
    Nimble ninja, trying their best to hide their effeminate touch,
    Pitchfork peasants, using their cocks to fight each other,
    And covered up monks, lifting their cups of lipton green tea in Buddha's honour,

    How long has it been since you last sparred with each other,
    Since you last grabbed hold of your sticks and beat each other half-dead with them,
    How long ...
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